Pharmacovigilance and Technological Surveillance
Servicios regulatorios al cuidado de la salud
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Pharmacovigilance and Technological Surveillance

Advice, control and education

Pharmacovigilance is the science that is responsible for collecting, interpreting, monitoring, investigating, evaluating, quantifying and monitoring information on side effects and risks related to medicines, biological products, medicinal plants (natural products); with the aim of identifying information about new adverse reactions and preventing damage to patients.

The purpose of techno-surveillance is the identification and evaluation of adverse events produced by the medical devices in use, as well as the identification of the risk factors associated with them, based on systematic notification, registration and evaluation, in order to determine the frequency, severity and incidence thereof so that through continuous monitoring, interventions or improvements can be made to prevent their occurrence and minimize their risks.

In PHARMAGROUP, with the team of pharmaceutical and medical professionals, we offer the best service and attention in techno-surveillance and pharmacovigilance, thanks to the experience of our group, based on the respective regulations of each of the countries where we have presence, as well as those countries for which our clients require the service.

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